We’re pleased to announce that CIC Group has now joined the Alterity family. Alterity is a leading independent consulting firm developing value for employers, organizations and private equity firms with strategic service offerings in insurance and human resources management. The company’s expertise supports businesses to reduce expenses, drive operational excellence, create revenue opportunities and retain talent in increasingly complex environments and periods of transition.


The union of CIC Group with Alterity will be mutually beneficial to our businesses and clients. CIC will enhance Alterity’s tactical offerings while Alterity will augment CIC’s scope. For many years, clients have looked to Alterity to support them with health care solutions utilizing the same methodology by which CIC supports their clients with property and casualty and risk management decisions. With Alterity, CIC now has strong capabilities to fill this void. 

In Alterity we have found a like-minded organization that maintains independence including analysis and fee-based structures. We are corporate kindred spirits. Joining Alterity provides CIC clients with access to a broader suite of specialty services. These advantages include robust employee benefits and HR services, benchmarking, RFP and market evaluations, to name a few.

CIC is the second acquisition made by Alterity in 2022. In June, Hager Strategic joined the Alterity family of companies. Based in Washington, DC, Hager assists businesses in optimizing benefits and HR payroll administration along with systems sourcing strategies.

The CIC Leadership Team

Tim McMullen, Senior Vice President

Gina Teresi, Senior Vice President

Chris O’Donnell, Senior Vice President

CIC Group’s Distinctive Approach

With an independent assessment, we guide businesses and organizations to make informed and strategic insurance buying decisions. Our industry insight analyzes and develops programs to maximize coverages and manage costs. Since 1976, CIC Group’s services have been 100% fee-based. Our responsive and experienced team of professionals are risk management advocates for your business, often uncovering what may have been overlooked. Our scope of services include:

  • Outsourced Risk Management
    Insurance Program Evaluation and Ongoing Risk Management Services and Support
  • Workers’ Compensation
    Services range from claims are managed, costs are controlled, and businesses are in a pro-active position with industry and state legislative changes
  • Lender Insurance Review Services
    Services span process introduction, collateral insurance reviews, renewal compliance and monitoring, audits and portfolio reviews           
  • Private Risk Insurance Advisory
    Program Evaluation, Broker Selection, Program Remarketing/Placement and Management
  • Construction Risk Consulting
    Program Evaluation, Project Specific Work, Sub-Contactor Review and Certificate Monitoring
  • Third-Party Compliance and Monitoring
    A methodical, industry-specific analysis detailing insurance requirements, renewals, and compliance

In addition to conventional coverages, our team provides specialty solutions including:

Contract Provisions Review

Loss Consultation

Staffing and Recruitment

Expert Witness Testimony

Process and Procedure Development for Lenders

Due Diligence Insurance Program Buildouts

Internal Agency Underwriting Audits

Vetting of Third-Party Resource

Captives:  Single Parent Captives, Group Captives, Cell Captives

Alternative Risk Solutions:  Risk Retention Groups, Association or Affinity Group Plans

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