Alterity & Private Equity Firms

True Value Creation

Alterity functions as an extension of a private equity firm’s deal, operations, and procurement teams. Our specialized private equity focus, proprietary processes, and savings strategies allow us to drive portfolio-wide savings across the complex employee benefits and insurance verticals.

We excel at partnering with existing stakeholders to align interests and act as an agent of change within the portfolio. Our experience and approach allow us to identify, measure, and execute opportunities to drive EBITDA growth.

Playbook of Services

From M&A support to benchmarking, Alterity offers numerous critical services for private equity firms.

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Transactional Services (M&A)

Support private equity firms and their portfolio companies through transitional situations—such as mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs—facilitating benefits harmonizations or stand-ups.

Cross Portfolio

Analyze employee health insurance and benefits data across portfolios, offering a bird’s eye view of all portfolio companies. Aggregated reporting provides a comprehensive understanding of how company spending compares to others within the portfolio across industry verticals.


Cross-portfolio benchmarking by specific company and industry, including metrics tied to benefit designs, contributions and cost.


Assess target acquisition company’s current benefit plan designs, review current plan design underwriting, and identify any existing financial and/or benefit-related liabilities.


Facilitate educational opportunities and best-practice sharing across the portfolio by bringing companies together through activities such as benefits symposiums and industry webinars.


Provide portfolio companies with access to favorable pricing terms and enhanced account-management services through established coalition programs that may not be accessible on a stand-alone basis.


Identify and execute opportunities to leverage the portfolio scale to obtain best-in-class pricing and terms for various health and welfare benefits.

RFP and Market Evaluation

Provide systems and service evaluations using our comprehensive RFP process. Whether you need point solutions and technology to support an internal service center, or providers to support a co-sourced or fully outsourced model, we can help you make informed, long-term decisions.

Administrative Assessment and Strategy

Optimize benefits, HR and payroll service delivery strategies.  We work with our clients to construct a future HCM/Benefits/Payroll administrative strategy that meets their evolving needs.


Our proprietary database tracks provider service offerings, fees, contract terms and performance levels continually, so you can see how your contract compares to the current market.

Contract Negotiation

We negotiate market-leading contract provisions for both initial and renewal contracts. Providers know that we understand their business and that we are aware of current-market standards for administration services contracts, which are constantly evolving.

Transition Management

We can serve as your internal project manager, provide  business analyst  resource to confirm documentation, create test plans and manage client/user acceptance testing, providing an experienced partner to augment your internal team throughout the implementation process.

Service Diagnostics

A poor implementation, turnover, historical data, outdated provider systems, and manual processes are just a few potential sources of service problems. We have extensive experience assessing administrative services and processes to identify the root-cause of errors so remediation can begin.

Ad Hoc Advisory

We are prepared to deliver market-based insights on how to support major plan design changes, propose options when faced with a major systems upgrade, provide perspective on provider systems and process issues as well as the impact of provider and organizational changes. 

Provider Oversight

We establish performance metrics and measurement tools across benefits, HR and payroll service providers. We provide a quarterly evaluation of performance. We analyze change orders for compliance and prepare an annual report card analyzing competitiveness.

Process and Systems Audits

We provide a full range of testing and audit services to ensure your provider is delivering the full scope of services in their contracts and s processes are working correctly. We bring a deep understanding of implementations and testing as well as insights on a a wide range provider systems from other audits we have performed.  

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Industries Served

Alterity’s services can be applied across all industries, but we have extensive experience in the following areas:

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