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January 22, 2021
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COVID-19 Vaccination Strategic Considerations

As the country prepares for the next stage of combatting COVID-19, employers are facing new questions regarding vaccination protocols and how they may impact their health plans. To drive strategic discussions, we have outlined critical questions we believe HR teams should plan to address.

Corporate Policy Icon

Corporate Policy

  • Should we mandate that employees who are expected to be on-site receive a vaccination prior to their return?
  • What liability is associated with sponsoring a vaccination program?
  • If we encourage or mandate the vaccine, how can we track compliance, given HIPAA?
  • Should we create a communication campaign that encourages our employees to take the vaccine, addresses concerns, and educates them on what to expect after they are vaccinated including social distancing protocols?
  • Should we create an internal infrastructure to provide the vaccination, or should we contract with an outside party?
  • What resources can be provided to our employees to address concerns regarding the vaccination?
  • As part of our corporate policy, should we provide employees with PTO to get vaccinated, including time off for any potential post-vaccine symptoms?
  • What language needs to be added to our employee handbook regarding our stance on the COVID-19 vaccination, and should we outline a stance on vaccinations in general?
Benefit Considerations

Benefit Considerations

  • How will the vaccine impact our Medical / Rx plan costs, and do we need to change any plan provisions for coverage?
  • Has COVID-19 driven utilization of specific prescription drugs? If so, do we have the appropriate clinical programs in place?
  • What co-morbidities can we expect related to COVID-19, and which ones could result in high claims?
  • If an employee refuses the vaccine and then contracts the virus, should / will eligibility for benefits be impacted?
  • Should we create an incentive for employees to take the COVID-19 vaccination?


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